David Bego

• Union Expert

• Political Pundit

• Author


Barry Farber

• Legendary Radio Talk Show Host

• Political Pundit

• Author


Brigitte Gabriel

• NY Times Best-selling Author

• Leading Expert on Global Islamic Terrorism


Rabbi D. B. Ganz

• Author/Columnist

• Rabbi/Talmudic Scholar

• Founder of the Jewish Heritage Initiative of Cambridge


Dr. Elaina George

• Medical Doctor

• Radio Talk Show Host

• Expert on Health Care

James Hirsen

• Hollywood and Cultural Reporter

• Law Professor/Legal Analyst

• NY Times Best-selling Author


Crista Huff

• Stock Market Expert

• Political Activist

• TPP Expert


Daniel R. Joseph

• China Specialist

• Business Expert

• Author/Commentator


Joseph Klein

• Author and Conservative Columnist

• Attorney and UN Correspondent

• Political Pundit


Gerard Lameiro

• Economist and Economic Growth Expert

• Author

• Fmr. Asst. Professor at Colorado State University’s College of Business

John LeBoutillier

• Former Congressman (R-NY)

• Political Pundit

• Expert on POW/MIA Affairs

• TV Host 


George Lombardi

• Fmr. Executive Director of the International Council for Economic Development International Political & Business Consultant (U.S., Italy, France)

Joe Messina

• Radio Talk Show Host

• Columnist

• Political Pundit


Brandon Millett

• CEO and Chairman of the GI Film Festival

• Fmr. Dir. of Communications for Judicial Watch

Dick Morris

• Political Analyst

• NY Times #1 Best-selling Author

• Political Consultant


Lowell Ponte

• Author

• Political Pundit

• Radio Talk Show Host

Wayne Allyn Root

• #1 Bestselling Finance and Political Author
• Former Presidential Candidate and Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee
• Conservative Political Commentator and Columnist

Michelle Seiler-Tucker

• Best-selling Author

• Business Expert

• Speaker


Michael Stumo

• CEO of the Coalition for a Prosperous America

• Legal Analyst

• Expert on Agriculture


Del Quentin Wilber

• Washington Post Reporter

• NY Times Best-selling Author